Alfa Romeo 4C

The Alfa Romeo 4C is the exciting new model from the historic Italian sportscar manufacturer picking up the mantle of the 8C, Spider, TZ, 33, Monza to name a few. Promising to be the fastest car in its segment with powerful but clean modern turbocharged engine and stunning looks. Follow the news on and development of the Alfa Romeo 4C from concept to production with

Launch Edition

As speculated the 4c has been launched at Geneva in the form of a "Launch Edition". A limited run of 1,000 cars (400 in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, 500 in North America and 100 in the rest of the world) at an advanced specification, but without the details of the standard car it’s difficult to quantify. The Carrara white paint is confirmed as unique to the Launch Edition as are the enhanced carbon-fibre body parts (headlights, spoiler and wing mirrors) driving sessions with Alfa trained instructors and dark tinted alloy wheels are also bundled in.

First official pictures of the production ready car

Production spec Alfa 4c Front

The keen eyed amongst you will notice the smaller taillights narrowing the hips over the concept’s look, but overall it looks true to the concept.

Alfa’s has also confirmed a power-to-weight figure: 4kg/hp (250hp/tonne). Which indicates weight around the 950kg mark and a power figure of 237hp.

More releases are also going around UK dealers suggesting a production version will be shown in Geneva.

UK gets right hand drive 4c's

Finally confirmation for the UK market and right hand drive versions.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

AR/002/13: Alfa Romeo 4C wins its first award

To All Alfa Romeo Dealer Principals, Sales Managers and Sales staff

2013 pt2

Autocar are reporting 2013 launch is confirmed after Alfa Romeo put out a PR flier teasing us a little further.

The finished 4C production car is still expected at the Geneva motor show in March. The flier just shows the car's five-spoke alloy wheel design with the promise of 'the car to end all cars' - about time I hear you say.

Prototype 4c down

Seems the development drivers need to get used to rear drive Alfa's again !

Video catching the aftermarth of the off......


British magazine Autocar  has revealed that the 4C coupe will be unveiled in production form at the Geneva Motor Show next March and go on sale, in Europe later next year.

Their sources insist that the project is at a very advanced development stage, which is backed by the recent prototype pictures. The rumoured  European launch is a surprise when the 4c is considered to be so vital to the re-entry to the U.S. market, who were promised it first as a halo car for the relaunch.

Prototype 4c spotted tested

A thinly disguised Alfa 4c prototype has been spotted testing. This is the first time it has been seen running and is good news proving the development is underway and on time…..

Some messy details but that’s why it’s a prototype….. we await more pictures !

4c Delays

Automotive News are reporting the latest delays in the Market re-entry to the U.S. They point the finger of blame at parent Fiat and their struggles with the turbulent european economy.

4c's big brother - Alfa builds a true 3-series rival

Autocar are reporting Alfa Romeo still remains Fiat Group boss Sergio Marchionne pet project as further details of the Giulia are revealed ahead of styling and packaging selection ready for a 2014 launch.

The Giulia will be the first car launched in theall-new line up revival plan. The saloon, plus the mid-engined 4C sports car start delivery in 2014 followed by the mx5 based Spider in 2015

4c spider - delays, and no factory yet...

UK motoring magazine Autocar are reporting the Alfa Romeo 4C sports car will spawn a convertible version following on a year after the coupés launch.

They go on to suggest the coupe will be launched mid 2013 but deliveries now expected to be early 2014 - a delay on previous information.

They specify the car as having Aluminium subframes bolted to a central  carbon-fibre tub and interestingly body panels made from sheet moulded composites. The design of the coupe means very little additional weight for the drop top and identical performance.


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