January 2011

Rumours continue

Uk magazine Autoexpress is indicating the new car will see the return of the legendary GTA badge. Reports suggest that the Italian manufacturer is set to unveil a two-seat coupe concept at Geneva, reviving the GTA badge last seen on the firm’s 147 and 156 models, rather than the currently favoured "Quadrofoglio" (four leaf clover) badge for the hot models.

Autoexpress went on to speculate that the 4C GTA will use the four-cylinder 1750 TBi, uprated to around 260bhp.

Rumours - Alfa Romeo concept car

Auto.blog.rs have posted teasers of the 4C concept looking like a model or a computer rendering. They go on to suggest it as “Alfa Romeo 1750SS”  but most other sources suggest it will be known as the 4c, a little brother to the 8c Competizione.