British magazine Autocar  has revealed that the 4C coupe will be unveiled in production form at the Geneva Motor Show next March and go on sale, in Europe later next year.

Their sources insist that the project is at a very advanced development stage, which is backed by the recent prototype pictures. The rumoured  European launch is a surprise when the 4c is considered to be so vital to the re-entry to the U.S. market, who were promised it first as a halo car for the relaunch.

They go on to state the production 4C coupe will be very similar to the 2011 concept that was well received. It should confirm Alfa’s 1750 turbocharged petrol four-cylinder engine. Production weight will be 1,000 kg thanks to the liberal use of lightweight materials such as carbon fibre.

The 4C will be built only in Italy but will be sold worldwide as “a hardcore Alfa designed to appeal to the true Alfistas”, in the words of the magazine's sources. They also claim that, despite the uncertainty surrounding other Alfa models, a roadster version of the 4C is already set to follow in 2014 or 2015.

All very confusing indeed...