4c delayed until 2014

UK magazine Autocar is reporting further delays to both the introduction of the 4c and reintroduction of Alfa Romeo to the USA. They are claiming sources confirming Alfa Romeo’s US relaunch will be at the Detroit motor show in 2014 also debuting the production 4C. This is a significant delay to the earlier target of “early” 2013.

Autocar revealed that the first of the new models will appear in the second half of 2013 with the Giulia, SUV followed on with Spider, 6c and 4c in 2014. This leaves Alfa Romeo with serious gaps in the current model line up having to “make do” with the current MiTo and Giulietta for the next 18 months – with minor styling changes and the addition of a 5 door MiTo.

Their Fiat Group sources say that the 4C will only be offered with a paddle shift dual clutch gearbox with and no manual gearbox option. It will however be a bespoke design for the 4c to suit mid-engined layout. The  sources claim the 4C will be powered by a 230bhp version of Alfa Romeo’s current 1750 turbo petrol engine (up from 197bhp).

They go on to state that after the US relaunch Alfa Romeo will turn its attentions to launching in the China......