Abarth Spider

Evo magazine are reporting that the Abarth half sister to the 4c is still very much alive, despite rumours to the contrary. Quoting Ivan Gibson Abarth UK's brand manager as their source.

He went on to add that it will be a year behind the Alfa 4c if the prototype is good enough to get the go-ahead.

Power is likely to be the same unit and gearbox set-up hinting at a styling reskin. As previously reported here they say the chassis has had large chunks replaced by aluminium subframes in the in-house takeover

The interest to us is it could well mean a successful coupe could be followed by a 4c spider to better meet demand if needed in the same way the 8c spider did. They could also exclude the Abarth version from the published maximum of 18k units.... But again the USA is the big target market.

All very interesting indeed.