Alfa built in America - exported to Europe

USA Today have been discussing the new Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler offerings with Sergio Marchionne giving more details away on Alfa Romeo’s future direction.
He is reported as saying "There will be plants making Alfas in the United States and in Europe, I need to export to Europe from the U.S. The volumes I (can) get here are how I reintroduce Alfa to Europe.....".

Plans will likely see the export of the upcoming Gulia saloon and Sportwagon. Seems a little odd for the Americans to sell European cars back to Europe – but despite the U.S. market re-entry delays, Marchionne remains insistent it will happen.

"We had to make sure they were lightweight, fast cars with Alfa powertrains," With an upcoming turbo 1.8ltr engine that producing 300bhp he seems to have it covered.

He also discussed the Dodge Dart, which as reported earlier on will be built on the Giulietta platform. But this time he’s gone on to confirm the Chrysler 200, Dodge Avenger, Jeep Compass and Jeep Liberty will be based on the Giulietta platform that underpins the Dart and built in Toledo.

Chrysler is also rumoured to be  considering a compact hatchback dubbed "Chrysler 100" which will export as a Lancia in similar fashion to the 300c Chrysler based Lancia Thema.
Will the 4c be the last true Alfa Romeo – the extended range is rapidly becoming a badge engineering exercise.....