Alfa Romeo Giulietta cross dresses as the Dodge Dart

USA Today have been revealing details of what the Dodge designers have done to the once "lovely" Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

The design sees the Giulietta washed down with some bland American touches but brings small capacity engines high technology engines to the US market.

USA Today reported head of Dodge Design Joe Dehner as saying "The Dodge Dart was a dream to design. The Alfa Romeo-based architecture allowed us to design an exterior with great proportions that say 'fun-to-drive' when you look at it. Add in the Charger-inspired 'racetrack' tail lamps, a new, sleek cross-hair grille and piano black accents, and it all adds up to a performance-inspired design with just the right amount of attitude."

As the pictures show it is still low and wide by US standards but has a coupe silhouette and details. The grille gets Dodge’s cross hairs, and the rear has the "racetrack" - which in UK English means 152 glowing LEDs shining out of its backside.

Inside, the car will also have interesting lighting and European soft-touch which may feel more luxury than US luxury brands. It also gets a "light pipe" illuminated dashboard and an Audi-like touch screen controls.

Engines will include a 160bhp 1.4 MultiAir turbocharged engine and a new 184bhp 2.4 MultiAir four-cylinder engine. These engines will be paired with three transmission choices — six-speed manual, six-speed automatic or six-speed dual dry-clutch transmission.

The guys at Ophilushin have been playing with photoshop for what the Alfa Guilia might look like and went on to craft a Fiat nose on for that total brand airing. I hope it’s a little prettier !