Alfa Romeo Spider

The 5yr, 5 model plan clearly stated a replacement for the (Brera) Spider with an emphasis on weight reduction, performance and dynamics.

Several on-line motoring sites were spouting  interest in this model and speculation became around whether it would be an all new model or based on the 4c.

Well the artists at created a yellow their vision of what Alfa Romeo should offer. Seemingly designed with a Ferrari 575 Superamerica / Renault Wind rotating roof panel in mind

Days later a similar rendering in silver (the colour changed and just faced the other way maybe?).

US speculation saw them leaning towards an Abarth badged "4c based" spider with the Alfa Romeo Spider being an all new affair. The engine is likely yo be the 1.75 or 1.8ltr engine turbo@ 150 Bhp it could share links with any of Alfa Romeo’s upcoming offerings.

A 4C Spider with the same Carbon chassis should suffer little difference in handling, weight and performance - with the same 0 to 100 km in “less than five seconds” with a top speed “of over 250 km/h”.