First official pictures of the production ready car

Production spec Alfa 4c Front
Production spec Alfa 4c rear
Production spec Alfa 4c top down

The keen eyed amongst you will notice the smaller taillights narrowing the hips over the concept’s look, but overall it looks true to the concept.

Alfa’s has also confirmed a power-to-weight figure: 4kg/hp (250hp/tonne). Which indicates weight around the 950kg mark and a power figure of 237hp.

More releases are also going around UK dealers suggesting a production version will be shown in Geneva.

It is expected to also confirm a “launch edition” with numbered plaque on the dash, a price premium is expected to put the price at £50k. It is suspected this is to counter those “flipping” them at a premium on list at launch. Also helps assess demand so lesser specs can be offered into different price point (think de-tuned engine, less kit).

Roll on Geneva…………..