Letter from America

US motoring Magazine Motortrend have published an interview with Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne about the new found American-focused group.

Marchionne told Motortrend  "An Alfa must be a serious machine for those who are serious about driving. It has to look to Audi and BMW. We know how long it took them to get to where they are today. So when I show up with an Alfa product, it has to be better, or as good technically as the Germans. I can take a hit on price because I don't have the brand yet. It shouldn't go to the U.S. until I can do that. I won't muck around with Audi and BMW until I have the right cars."

Marchionne added "I will re-launch Alfa out of the U.S. and then come to Europe." Predicted for 2013, he says with the 4C leading the way. Motortrend then add details of the previously leaked SUV as a crossover sharing underpinnings with the Jeep Compass replacement on a modified Giulietta platform.

Motortrend then point to the Giulia sharing parts and underpinnings with the Dodge Challenger for a model with mass market appeal. Marchionne has rejected the current design as it “wasn't an Alfa." He also indicated the European look may differ due to pedestrian impact legislation. Sounds like the US version may be a better looker !

They then appear to confirm the upcoming Spider is a standalone model (not 4c based) on a short wheelbase Challenger platform due in early 2014. The US links seem to be pushing Alfa towards RWD chassis - which can only be a good thing for enthusiast.