Styling influences.

I have been pondering the styling looking through Alfa Romeo’s back catalogue.
Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

Pictured at Goodwood FoS

Rare does not begin to explain this car with only 18 thought to be produced including a couple of design studies based on the mechanic underpinnings.

In 1967 Franco Scaglione took an Autodelta T33 race car and debuted a show car at the Turin motorshow to much acclaim.

Pictured at Goodwood FoS

Notable customers wanted this car but it was not cheap - offered in the US at $17,000 – no cars were priced higher.

Styling featured a faired in front with the corporate grille and sweeping curves. The rear wheel arches were topped with air vents to feed a 2.0ltr v8 engine. The doors were notable for their butterfly action with glass panels in the roof moving with the opening door

Specification saw a 6 speed transaxle and power at 230bhp giving 0-60 in 5.5sec and 160mph. Performance very similar to the 4c.