Styling influences pt2

Alfa Romeo Montreal

To sit along side the rare and expensive 33 Stradale another concept car was built for the 1967 Expo in Montreal - a nickname which stuck.

The car started modestly with 1.6ltr engine and running a modified Giulia Sprint chassis but by production it was running a T33 derived 2.6ltr v8 producing 200bhp a 5sp ZF gearbox and a limited slip differential at the back – clear sporting intentions.

The Bertone Styling was dramatic with a low brow over the lights, slatted to the top and electrically moving when switched on. These slats were echoed behind the door and up the rear C pillar. The bonnet bulge needed for the v8 was softened with a non-functioning NACA duct.


This was an expensive car and production a modest 3,900 units being produced before it was quietly dropped in 1977.