Styling Influences pt3 – Zagato TZ Stradale

The long and special relationship between Alfa Romeo and  Zagato took a strange twist in 2011 with the factory officially sanctioning the manufacture of the TZ3. Why was this so different ? Alfa Romeo have been allowing variants on production cars since the 1930’s – well it is actually “very” different from any other Alfa.

It sees the re-body of Dodge Viper (in ACR-X specification no less) with an 8.4ltr v10 pushing  out 640bhp and 585 lbft. of torque. As with all the mechanicals the front engine rear-drive layout,  a long 99” wheelbase remain unchanged .

In truth the design is a compromise around the proportions of the Viper. They have done their best with the design elements to convince you otherwise, with a classic Kamm tail, “double bubble” roof and round rear lights rolled out of the Zagato styling catalogue. But the Stradale retains its Viper cues from the rumble of the v10 from the side exhaust to the overall silhouette.

Road & Track reported Sergio Marchionne  as saying that the TZ3 Stradale is “the first American Alfa in automotive history.” And signified many of the recent part sharing and rebranding exercises it won’t be the last Italian-American Alfa.


Road & Track go on to report it drives “Just like a Viper” which tells you how little of the architecture has truly changed. The prolific acceleration is reputed to continue to dominate the “quarter-mile hero” feel of the car. Adding “While the steering could be more precise, additional directional input is available from the throttle”.

While you “Gotta love those muscle cars !” it was the styling alone that got a coveted display slot at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August 2011.