Alfa Romeo 4C

The Alfa Romeo 4C is the exciting new model from the historic Italian sportscar manufacturer picking up the mantle of the 8C, Spider, TZ, 33, Monza to name a few. Promising to be the fastest car in its segment with powerful but clean modern turbocharged engine and stunning looks. Follow the news on and development of the Alfa Romeo 4C from concept to production with

UK deliveries in 2013

UK based Top Gear magazine are reporting the Alfa Romeo 4C is expected early 2013.

The information came out with their interview with Mauro Pierallin European head of engineering who has given the project a discrete team outside the main engineering structure headed by him personally. They report advanced prototypes will be testing mid-2012 with a year’s hard testing before going on sale at “under £45,000”.

Letter from America

US motoring Magazine Motortrend have published an interview with Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne about the new found American-focused group.

Alfa 4c in China

Alfa Romeo got its first brand outing in China at the Guangzhou Auto Show. They showed the MiTo, Giulietta and the 4C “for 2012” presumably later in the year as the Guangzhou/Fiat joint venture is “two years away”. Alternatively they could be imported from Europe and therefore very expensive, thus limiting demand.

Locals report that traditionally Chinese car buyers pay premiums on imports car, if it is a premium car. But will a mainstream European hatchback be premium enough for the Chinese?

Alfa Romeo Spider

The 5yr, 5 model plan clearly stated a replacement for the (Brera) Spider with an emphasis on weight reduction, performance and dynamics.

Several on-line motoring sites were spouting  interest in this model and speculation became around whether it would be an all new model or based on the 4c.

Well the artists at created a yellow their vision of what Alfa Romeo should offer. Seemingly designed with a Ferrari 575 Superamerica / Renault Wind rotating roof panel in mind

Alfa Romeo 4C in the press

Much is being made of Alfa Romeo’s return to the USA with the UK’s Autoexpress magazine reporting a target of 85,000 cars from the leaked report – ambitious for a marque absent for 18yrs. To achieve this they are talking about a 5 model line up including the 4c but also a large saloon (based on the Chrysler 300c platform) and a SUV perhaps more to the US tastes.


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